Saturday, December 18, 2010

Model View View Model Template: The MVVM Light Toolkit

I was catching up on my pod casts last week caught a great one on Hanselminutes featuring Laurent Bugnion discussing Model-View, View-Model (MVVM).  Laurent did a great job of describing MVVM in this cast and I recommended it to all who would like a sound grounding in MVVM.  My thanks to them both.

During the cast Laurent mentioned a number of MVVM frameworks, including his own called MVVM Light Toolkit.  I've been checking it out and like what I see so far.  In particular I love the EventToCommand behavior class available in the GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Extras library.  If I'm reading this right this lib will allow you to convert WPF events to commands.  This addresses one of my biggest complaints about doing MVVM with WPF.  The MVVM "ideal" is no event code in the code behind, but this is tough because many of the WPF components don't have command capability built in to them & frankly you need many of the events in order to craft a functional UI.  Hopefully this lib will deal with this lack.

I will be checking this out more throughly in the coming weeks & will let you know how usefull this turns out to be.

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